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Dylan Gers Drops New Single ‘Fly Fly Butterfly’

Dylan Gers, the son of IRON MAIDEN guitarist Janick Gers, has just put out a fresh track called ‘Fly Fly Butterfly’.

Released through independent label Sly-Tone, this new single is a solo effort by Dylan, except for the drums, which were laid down by Noah Yorke, son of RADIOHEAD’s Thom Yorke. Dylan not only wrote and performed the track but also took charge of mixing and recording it.

The song marries folk with a darker, upbeat tempo, creating a textured soundscape that listeners can explore over and over. Dylan describes it simply: ‘I really like this. I hope you do.’

This isn’t the first time Dylan and Noah have worked together. Back in November 2022, they collaborated on a single titled ‘Red Skies’.

It’s worth noting that Dylan isn’t the only one from the IRON MAIDEN family pursuing music. Bruce Dickinson’s sons, Austin and Griffin, have fronted bands RISE TO REMAIN, AS LIONS, and SHVPES respectively. Meanwhile, Steve Harris’s son George plays guitar for THE RAVEN AGE.

As for Janick Gers, before becoming a staple in IRON MAIDEN, he had quite a history with bands like WHITE SPIRIT, GILLAN, and GOGMAGOG. He even played guitar on Bruce Dickinson’s first solo album, ‘Tattooed Millionaire,’ which led to his invitation to join MAIDEN in 1990. He’s been with the band ever since, even after Adrian Smith rejoined in 1999.

For more updates on Dylan, you can follow him on Instagram. ‘Fly Fly Butterfly’ is now available for streaming. Give it a listen and enjoy the unique sound he’s crafted.

Source: Blabbermouth ˙ Youtube