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Meaning of ‘Age Of Man’ by ‘Greta Van Fleet’

Released: 2018

“Age Of Man” by Greta Van Fleet is a powerful anthem that sails across themes of enlightenment, growth, and the perpetual cycle of life and learning. At its core, the song is a poetic contemplation on human evolution, both spiritually and intellectually, set against the backdrop of nature’s vast tableau. It’s a journey from darkness into light, an ode to the resilience and exploratory spirit of humanity.

The opening lines, “In an age of darkness light appears,” immediately set a tone of hope amidst despair. This isn’t just about the literal dawn chasing away the night; it’s a metaphor for enlightenment chasing away ignorance and fear. The song suggests that in our darkest times, there is always a spark, a glimmer of understanding and knowledge that leads us forward. The phrase “March to the anthem of the heart” encourages us to follow our deepest truths and passions, implying that our hearts hold the compass to navigate through life’s trials toward a “brand new day, a brand new start.”

The song then takes us on a lyrical journey through “wonder lands of ice and snow” and “the desert heat where nothing grows,” showcasing the extremes of our world and perhaps the challenges we face within it. Yet, amidst these adversities, there exists a “tree of life in rain and sun,” a symbol of resilience, growth, and the interconnectedness of all living things. This tree reaching for the sky represents humanity’s ongoing quest for knowledge and transcendence.

The repeated questions, “Who is the wiser to help us steer?” and “And will we know when the end is near?” serve as a humbling reminder of our mortality and the limitations of our wisdom. Despite our advancements and enlightenment, there remains an uncertainty about the future and our role within it. It’s a reflection on the need for guidance and the hope that wisdom, passed down through generations, can help navigate the unknown.

The lines “A beauty lives in every soul” and “The more you love, the more you know” touch upon the inherent value and potential for growth within each individual. Love, in this context, is not just an emotion but a pathway to understanding and wisdom. The mention of passing the torch emphasizes the cyclical nature of life and knowledge—each generation learns, grows, and then bestows this wisdom onto the next, ensuring the perpetual flame of enlightenment burns.

In “Age Of Man,” Greta Van Fleet doesn’t just give us a song; they give us a philosophical meditation set to rock. It urges the listener to ponder their place in the vast stream of time, to recognize the light within the darkness, and to embrace the journey of learning and love. It’s a reminder that in the evolving age of man, our quest for understanding and connection is what defines us, drives us forward, and ultimately connects us to the infinite.

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