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Meaning of ‘Avalanche’ by ‘Bring Me the Horizon’ feat. Bring Me The Horizon

Released: 2015

Features: Bring Me The Horizon

At first glance, “Avalanche” by Bring Me The Horizon dives into the heavy emotions of struggling with mental health issues, using the imagery of being caught in an avalanche to describe feelings of being overwhelmed. This track doesn’t hold back in expressing the raw and often dark nature of coping with these invisible battles. It’s a cry for understanding and a search for a solution in a world that feels constantly out of sync with one’s inner workings.

The opening lines, “Cut me open and tell me what’s inside / Diagnose me ’cause I can’t keep wondering why”, set a tone of desperation and confusion. The narrator is pleading for an explanation for their turmoil, likening their need for answers to a physical examination. When they say, “And no, it’s not a phase ’cause it happens all the time,” it’s a pushback against the dismissal of their feelings, asserting the persistent and intrusive nature of their struggle.

As the song progresses to “It’s like an avalanche, I feel myself go under / ‘Cause the weight of it’s like hands around my neck,” the metaphor of an avalanche is used to express the suffocating and overpowering effect of their mental state. The imagery of hands around the neck conveys a sense of imminent danger to life, emphasizing the severity of their condition.

The cry for an “antidote” and the lines, “I need a cure for me ’cause the square doesn’t fit the circle / Give me a remedy ’cause my head wasn’t wired for this world,” speaks to the sense of alienation the narrator feels. This idea of not fitting in or being fundamentally different from what the world expects stands out as a poignant observation about feeling disconnected and desperately wanting to find a place or solution where they can survive.

Finally, the recurring plea for help, “I’m going out of frequency / Can anyone respond?” hammers home the sense of isolation and the need for connection and understanding. It’s a powerful call for someone, anyone, to hear them and offer help, reinforcing the song’s overarching theme of battling with mental health issues and the longing for relief and understanding.

“Avalanche” by Bring Me The Horizon isn’t just a song; it’s a sonic exploration of the tumultuous journey through mental health struggles. Through its raw lyrics and powerful imagery, it offers a vivid glimpse into the feeling of being overwhelmed and the continuous search for a lifeline in the chaos. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the battle is about finding harmony in a world that seems unrelentingly discordant.

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