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Meaning of ‘Late Night’ by ‘Foals’ feat. Solomun

Released: 2020

Features: Solomun

“Late Night – Solomun Remix” by Foals, featuring Solomun, is a track that dances on the thin line between electronic depth and rock sensibility, creating an atmosphere that’s both haunting and invigorating. It speaks to the desperate search for guidance and the profound longing for a connection that can anchor one in the stormiest seas of life. The remix adds layers of introspection and a pulsating rhythm that makes the plea for companionship something you can both feel and dance to.

The song kicks off with a vulnerable admission, “Oh, I hoped that you were somebody / Someone I could count / To pull me to my feet again / When I was in doubt.” It’s about reaching out for support in times of uncertainty, hoping for someone to be there to help you stand when you feel like you can’t do it on your own. The use of “Mama” here taps into a deep-seated need for maternal comfort, a universal call for someone who represents safety and understanding, echoing through the void.

There’s a shift when the lyrics present the image of “the last cowboy in this town,” which is a striking metaphor for feeling utterly alone and out of place, a relic of a bygone era. The “empty veins” and “plastic broken crown” speak to a sense of emptiness and a loss of dignity or perhaps disillusionment with what once was considered important. The transformation from being “lost” to “truly found” suggests a journey of self-discovery, albeit a painful one, where the protagonist realizes the futility of past pursuits.

Despite the newfound self-awareness, there’s a palpable fear of what lies ahead, “Oh now Mama, do you hear my fear? / It’s coming after me.” This portrays the relentless pursuit of inner demons or perhaps consequences of past actions, and the protagonist is reaching out into the void, desperate for comfort or salvation, signified by the repeated, “I’m calling out your name.”

The chorus, “Stay with me,” repeated towards the end, becomes a haunting loop, a simple yet profound plea for companionship and a testament to the human condition. The desire to not be left alone in the dark, to have someone “stay” regardless of the circumstances, encapsulates the core of human vulnerability and the intrinsic need for connection.

With a backdrop of Solomun’s signature deep house beats, the “Late Night – Solomun Remix” transforms the original indie rock vibe into a darker, more introspective piece that both moves the body and stirs the soul. It’s a masterful blend of genres that elevates the poignant narrative of longing and existential dread, making it resonate on a universal level. Through its deep beats and reflective lyrics, it speaks to anyone who’s ever felt lost, alone, or in desperate need of a guiding light.

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