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Meaning of ‘Obsessed (feat. Ashley Sienna)’ by ‘Sophie Powers’ feat. Ashley Sienna

Released: 2024Features: Ashley SiennaAt the heart of “Obsessed” is a candid revelation of toxic love, wrapped in the kind of punchy beats and defiant vocals that make you want to scream the lyrics into the night. Powers explores the dichotomy of being irresistibly drawn to someone you know is bad news — all classless actions and red flags but somehow, making your heart skip anyway. It’s a tale as old as time, given a fresh coat of electric guitar and unapologetic attitude.

The opening lines immediately set the tone: “I’m a drama queen / If I don’t get what I want, then I freak / Like a fever dream / I can’t sleep, I can’t breathe, I can’t eat.” Here, Powers uses vivid imagery to describe the depth of her obsession. This isn’t just infatuation; it’s a physical, consuming need that disrupts basic human functions. The term “drama queen” isn’t used disparagingly but almost proudly, acknowledging an intense personality type that thrives on emotional highs and lows.

Her lover is described unequivocally as a “certified disaster,” lacking in class and decorum, a “walking toxic hazard.” Yet, despite the logical red flags waving frantically, Powers confesses, “I think that I’m o–, I’m o–, I’m o–, I’m obsessed.” The repetition of “o–” simulates stuttering, capturing the hesitance and the inarticulate grasp one has over their feelings when deep in the throes of obsession. It’s as if her mind is trying to deny what her heart is admitting.

The chorus is a clever play on the addictive nature of toxic relationships. “When you touch my lips / Look at me like this / And my heartbeat skips,” confesses the physical impact of their connection. There’s an acknowledgment of danger in their interaction, “‘Cause you’re speaking my language / And you’re talking so dangerous,” pointing towards a mutual understanding and a shared penchant for peril that keeps the obsession burning. The mention of being “shameless” indicates a willing descent into this hazardous liaison, fully aware of the consequences.

As the song progresses, the imagery of being “under your spell” paints the lover as almost a sorcerous entity, having Powers “Dizzy, I’m weak / Begging on my pretty knees.” This evokes classic rock themes of enchantment and desire, but with a modern twist that sees Powers not just as a victim, but an active participant, acknowledging her role in the dynamic: “Looks like I taught you well.”

The bridge reframes the obsession, focusing on specific attributes that captivate her – the way they talk, walk, and even taste, emphasizing the sensory overload that accompanies infatuation. The line, “You’re the worst, you’re the best / What a mess,” succinctly sums up the emotional turmoil of wanting someone who is clearly wrong for you yet feels just right.

“Obsessed” isn’t just a song about losing control; it’s an anthem for those who have willingly dived into the deep end of desire, fully aware of the dangers but too enthralled to care. Sophie Powers, with Ashley Sienna, navigates the murky waters of love and obsession with a blend of grit, vulnerability, and a dash of rebellion, inviting listeners to embrace their own chaotic passions, red flags and all.

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