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Meaning of the song ‘Beauty School’ by ‘Deftones’

Released: 2008

“Beauty School” by Deftones is an ethereal love song wrapped in distorted guitars and artful drumming that exudes raw emotional intensity. It’s about a deep connection and infatuation that’s laced with a sense of mystery – a desperate need to know and internalize the beloved.

The lyrics, “I like you when/When you take off your face/Put away all your teeth/And take us way underneath,” sets the stage with confessed fascination of someone in their purest form. In rock parlance, ‘taking off your face’ refers to shedding pretentions, masks and lies – essentially diving into emotional vulnerability.

The lines, “You could die if you take it alone,” and “Well, you could try if you think it will load” are both testaments to shared experiences and unity. They underscore the theme of intimacy, where two lives are intertwined, and venturing alone could lead to emotional perdition.

“I watch you taste it/I see your face/And I know I’m alive,” Here, Chino Moreno, the head-honcho of Deftones, is talking about the cathartic moments in love that assure him of his existence and purpose, painting a picture of fixation. The following line “You’re shooting stars/From the barrel of your eyes” is chock-full of vivid imagery that paints the beloved as majestic, evoking a sense of wonder and bewilderment.

The repeated line, “It drives me crazy/ Just drives me wild,” exhibits Chino’s fixation and obsession, showcasing the thrilling, yet maddening, aspects of love. The repeating line underscores the power of enchantment the object of his affection holds over him.

“Why / It’s a beautiful ride, ride,” This line certainly hints at a tumultuous journey that is nonetheless thrilling, further implying the rollercoaster ride of love, filled with euphoric highs and despairing lows, but ultimately something beautiful and profoundly impactful.

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