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Meaning of the song ‘Body Talks’ by ‘The Struts’

Released: 2018

“Body Talks” by The Struts rockets straight into the heart of rock’s timeless obsession with raw, unspoken attraction and the electricity of initial encounters. At its core, this track is an electrifying homage to the silent yet screaming conversations that happen between two people, communicated not through words but through the language of the body. It underscores the idea that sometimes, words are superfluous—because in the dance of attraction, bodies don’t just talk; they shout.

The song kicks off with a playful vibe, as the vocalist expresses fascination with someone whose very presence is like a beacon, impossible to ignore. Mentioning “Your eyes follow like a spotlight / Two eyes like the sun,” it paints a picture of someone so captivating that they light up the room, instantly drawing attention. This is classic rock fodder—worshipping at the altar of attraction, all the while knowing it’s a game both parties are willing to play. The phrase “Soon you’re gonna come” hints at the inevitallity of their attraction, teetering on the edge of a magnetic pull.

As we dive deeper into the chorus, “Ooh, your body talks, your body talks / Ooh, ooh, your body talks,” it’s clear we’re dealing with the language of desire, a theme as old as rock itself but delivered here with The Struts’ signature modern flair. The concept that one can communicate longing, interest, and consent through the mere motion of the body, without uttering a single word, taps into the primal aspect of human interaction, echoing the sentiment that sometimes, instinct speaks louder than dialogue.

The line “Your lips are a conversation / That face is a song” further romanticizes the idea of non-verbal communication, ascribing poetic qualities to physical features. It emphasizes the notion in rock that often, the most profound connections are those felt, not said. It’s about the vibe, the energy between two people, something that The Struts capture perfectly with their anthemic choruses and vibrant instrumentation.

Towards the end of the song, the repetition of “Ooh, ooh, your body talks” alongside the commands to “Shake your hips / It’s on your lips” brings the song to a crescendo of unspoken dialogue. It’s a final nod to the power of physical expression and the unignorable allure of someone who speaks volumes without saying a word. In true rock fashion, it celebrates the raw and the real, the unfiltered communication through the body’s movements and the magnetic draw of attraction. Here, The Struts remind us that in the dance of connection, sometimes the most compelling conversations are those that are felt, not heard.

In sum, “Body Talks” by The Struts is an exuberant, high-energy track that revels in the age-old dance of attraction, where the body itself becomes the ultimate communicator. It’s a potent reminder of music’s capacity to capture the essence of human desire, all wrapped up in a pulsating rock anthem that’s as infectious as the unspoken allure it describes.

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