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Meaning of the song ‘Closer To The Heart’ by ‘Rush’

Released: 1977

Ah, “Closer To The Heart” by Rush – a hymn for the ages that marries rock’s unapologetic power with a call for compassion and change. At its core, the song is a passionate plea for leaders, creators, and thinkers to approach their roles with empathy and integrity, aiming to shape a world that values heart and humanity above all else. It’s a rallying cry for us all to bring our actions and creations closer to the ideals of love and understanding.

Starting off, we dive straight into the meat of it with “And the men who hold high places / Must be the ones who start / To mold a new reality / Closer to the heart”. Right out of the gate, Rush is shaking the tree, pointing fingers at the leaders, the movers and shakers of the world. It’s not just a suggestion; it’s almost a demand – these folks have got the clout and the responsibility to spearhead a shift towards a world that’s more in tune with compassion and empathy, quite literally bringing it ‘closer to the heart’.

Next, the song bridges into recognizing the influential role of artisans, with “The blacksmith and the artist / Reflect it in their art / They forge their creativity / Closer to the heart”. This verse sings an ode to the creatives of the world – the blacksmith symbolizing the tangible creators, the artists of the physical, and the artist representing the visionaries, the dreamers. Rush is highlighting that through their respective crafts, both have the power to encode and reflect these ideals of heart and humanity back into society, subtly shaping the cultural consciousness ‘closer to the heart’.

The verse, “Philosophers and ploughmen / Each must know his part / To sow a new mentality / Closer to the heart”, then widens the call to action. It’s not just the world leaders and artists who have roles to play; everyone from the thinkers (philosophers) to the workers (ploughmen) is implored to embrace their part in nurturing (sowing) a new mindset or ‘mentality’ that values heart, empathy, and understanding, essentially sowing the seeds for a cultural harvest closer to the ideals of compassion.

Finally, Rush brings it home with “You can be the captain / And I will draw the chart / Sailing into destiny / Closer to the heart”. Here, there’s a shift to a personal pledge, an individual commitment to navigating (sailing) towards a future (destiny) that’s guided by the values of the heart. It’s a poignant end to the song, reinforcing that the journey to a more empathetic world is a collective one, where each of us, in our unique roles as leaders, creators, thinkers, or doers, holds the map and steers the ship ‘closer to the heart’.

Throughout, “Closer To The Heart” is more than just a song; it’s a manifesto wrapped in melodies, a call to weave empathy and understanding into the very fabric of society. Rush doesn’t just sing to the choir; they challenge, they inspire. They remind us that the journey towards a world that cherishes the heart is a collective endeavor, but it starts with the individual – it starts with you, it starts with me, closer to the heart.

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