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Meaning of the song ‘Far Away’ by ‘Nickelback’

Released: 2005

“Far Away” by Nickelback isn’t just a run-of-the-mill rock ballad—it’s a heartfelt confession and a promise wrapped in gritty guitar riffs and poignant lyrics. At its core, this song delves into the themes of love, regret, and the pain of separation, all while holding onto hope for reunion and redemption. It’s a powerful mix of longing and commitment that has resonated with many since its release.

The opening lines set the stage for a narrative of remorse and reflection: “This time, this place / Misused, mistakes / Too long, too late / Who was I to make you wait?” Here, the speaker acknowledges past errors and the consequences of taking someone for granted. The rhetorical question underscores a deep sense of self-reproach, questioning the speaker’s past actions or inactions that led to the current state of separation.

The chorus is where the song’s emotional weight truly unfolds: “That I love you / I have loved you all along / And I miss you / Been far away, for far too long.” It’s a raw declaration of undying love and the agony of being apart. The repetition of “you know, you know, you know” serves as a plea for the listener to recognize the sincerity of their feelings, despite the physical and possibly emotional distance between them. The lines “I keep dreaming you’ll be with me / And you’ll never go / Stop breathing if I don’t see you anymore” highlight the desperation and the extent to which the speaker equates their very life force, their ability to breathe, with the presence of their loved one.

As the song progresses to “On my knees, I’ll ask / Last chance for one last dance / ‘Cause with you, I’d withstand / All of hell to hold your hand,” we witness a vow of enduring love and resilience. It conveys the willingness to endure any hardship just to be with the person they love, to hold their hand. This imagery is powerful, painting a picture of a love so strong, it could transcend even the most hellish circumstances.

The closing verses and chorus bring the song full circle, reiterating the themes of love, forgiveness, and an unwavering resolve to stay together: “So keep breathing / ‘Cause I’m not leaving you anymore / Believe it / Hold on to me and never let me go.” The repetition of “keep breathing” serves as both a literal plea for life in the face of despair, and a metaphorical one for hope and perseverance in a relationship. The song culminates in a promise of permanence and faithfulness, a reassurance to hold on and never let go, signaling a determined end to the separation and a commitment to overcoming whatever challenges may come.

In “Far Away,” Nickelback captures the essence of rock balladry with a twist—melding raw emotional honesty with rock’s characteristic intensity. The song isn’t just about love; it’s about the journey back from the brink, the fight for a love that’s endured trials, and the promise of steadfastness. It’s a universal message, wrapped in the unique, anthemic sound of a band that knows how to tug at the heartstrings while rocking hard. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual listener, there’s no denying the impact of this song’s soul-stirring message.

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