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Meaning of the song ‘Let It Happen’ by ‘Tame Impala’

Released: 2015

“Let It Happen” by Tame Impala is a psychedelic journey, a manifesto of surrender to the inevitable currents of life, underscored by a mesmerizing blend of synths and guitar work that’s become the band’s hallmark. Kevin Parker, the genius behind Tame Impala, invites listeners to embrace change and the chaos of existence with open arms, suggesting that sometimes the best thing to do is let things take their natural course. This track is not just a song; it’s an experience, layering intricate sounds with profound lyrics that explore themes of anxiety, the passage of time, and the liberation found in letting go.

The song kicks off with a reflection on the cacophony of life, the endless noise that surrounds us, and how it pales in comparison to our inner voices – those telling us to simply “Let it happen.” This encapsulates the core message of the song: the importance of surrendering to and embracing the flow of life, despite its often overwhelming nature. The recurring lines, “It’s gonna feel so good,” serve as a mantra, reassuring listeners that there’s a profound sense of relief in releasing control.

As we dive deeper, Parker touches on the human inclination to run from our shadows, our darker sides, and how this eternal chase leaves us feeling shallow and burdened. The mention of an alarm “It must be morning” symbolizes an awakening, both literal and metaphorical, to the realization that perhaps trying to outrun or hide aspects of ourselves is futile. This notion is heightened by the imagery of a whirlwind, which Parker uses to signify forces of change or challenges that will sweep away all that is not firmly rooted in our being. It’s a call to let go of the superficial and stand firm in who we are.

The song takes a turn towards vulnerability, expressing fear of failure and the potential of not returning from this metaphorical journey. “If my take-off fails, make up some other story” reflects a plea to be remembered fondly, despite potential shortcomings. This internal dialogue reveals a struggle with acceptance and the fear of letting others, especially close family like one’s mother, down. The lyrical repetition in this section serves to mimic the cyclical nature of these thoughts in our minds, as we try to rationalize and deal with our apprehensions.

In the latter part of the song, we see a shift from resistance to acceptance. The phrase “Baby, now I’m ready, moving on” signifies a breakthrough, an acceptance of change, and readiness to face whatever comes next—the repetition of readiness “Oh, but maybe I was ready all along” underscores a realization that the capacity to move forward was always within. This culminates in a message of empowerment and self-awareness, suggesting that sometimes, the only way to truly progress is to let go and embrace the ride.

“Let It Happen” by Tame Impala is more than a song; it’s a sonic odyssey that encourages listeners to confront their fears, embrace change, and find solace in the uncontrollable aspects of life. Through its lyrical depth and intricate soundscapes, it holds a mirror to our inner struggles and offers a mesmerizing comfort in the chaos of letting go.

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