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Meaning of the song ‘My Name Is Human’ by ‘Highly Suspect’

Released: 2016

“My Name Is Human” by Highly Suspect is a raw, introspective piece that delves deep into the essence of what it means to be human. It’s a defiant declaration of self-awareness and an exploration of individuality, freedom, and the innate desire to understand one’s place in the universe. The track masterfully bridges the gap between existential pondering and a grit-fueled, rock and roll rebellion against societal and self-imposed constraints.

The opening lines of the song set the stage for a personal journey of self-discovery and defiance. “I’m feeling the way that I’m feeling myself / Fuck everyone else” immediately throws out the rule book on external approval and societal expectations. This isn’t about conforming; it’s about understanding one’s unique perspective and existence. The mention of remembering “that nobody’s better than anyone else, here” serves as a leveling statement, emphasizing equality and the futility of superiority complexes within the human experience.

The chorus, “Get up off your knees, girl / Stand face to face with your God / And follow what you are (Hello, my name is human),” is a powerful call to authenticity and self-empowerment. It challenges the listener to confront their own existence and essence head-on, stripping away the layers of societal and self-imposed narratives to uncover the raw, unfiltered self. The phrase “Hello, my name is human” is a greeting to the universe, an acknowledgment of our complexity, vulnerability, and the beauty of our imperfection.

The song also touches on themes of love, war, and the unquenchable thirst for more – “I’m ready for love and I’m ready for war / But I’m ready for more.” This represents the dual nature of the human spirit, capable of immense love and devastating conflict, yet always seeking something beyond the horizon, something more profound than the current state of affairs.

As the song progresses, it evolves into an anthem of liberation – “Fire world, I love you / Fireworld / I’m up off my knees, girl / I’m face to face with myself / And I know who I am.” Here, “Fireworld” could be interpreted as a metaphor for the trials and tribulations of life that refine us, burning away the unnecessary, leaving behind only what’s true. The realization “I know who I am” is a moment of clarity, a culmination of the journey of self-discovery that the song navigates.

The closing verses of the song are a defiant embrace of human potential, free from the need for external validation or predefined answers – “(I’m not asking questions) (’cause questions have answers) (And I don’t want answers).” It’s a bold declaration that sometimes, the journey and the experiences are more valuable than the destination or the solution. “I came down from the stars (so I’ll take my chances)” suggests a cosmic origin and a willingness to navigate the uncertainties of life without a safety net, relying instead on one’s internal compass.

In conclusion, “My Name Is Human” by Highly Suspect is more than just a song; it’s an existential journey set to a rock and roll soundtrack. It challenges listeners to confront their own humanity, to embrace their individuality, and to acknowledge their part in the vast, intricate tapestry of existence. It’s a defiant, introspective, and ultimately empowering piece that resonates deeply with the universal human experience.

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