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Meaning of the song ‘Pull Me Through’ by ‘Royal Blood’

Released: 2023

“Pull Me Through” by Royal Blood is a visceral exploration of isolation, desperation, and the profound need for connection. The song dives into the depths of personal struggle, using vivid, nautical metaphors to convey a journey that’s as much about internal turmoil as it is about the search for external salvation. At its core, it’s a plea for help, a raw admission of needing someone to rescue the protagonist from their own emotional undertow.

The opener, “Miles from the surface and I ride out and weather the war,” immediately thrusts us into a scene of conflict and struggle, suggesting a personal battle that’s far removed from any easy resolution. Royal Blood uses the imagery of a “tin submarine” to symbolize the fragility and isolation of the human condition, evoking a feeling of being submerged in one’s own troubles, where the “seams couldn’t hold back the shore” eludes to personal breaking points being tested by external pressures.

Lyrics like “On a bed made of ‘what have you done?’ / Tone-deaf with a headache for one” reveal a state of introspection and regret, suggesting the protagonist is lying in the aftermath of their actions, isolated with the consequences. This reflection is not peaceful but rather filled with a cacophony of thoughts and self-criticism, hinting at a struggle with guilt or self-doubt.

The chorus, “Sinking to the bottom, lost but not forgotten / Down I go again, heart swinging like a punch bag,” uses the act of sinking as a metaphor for succumbing to one’s struggles while still holding onto a sliver of hope – the idea of being “lost but not forgotten” speaks to a desperate desire to be remembered or saved. The “heart swinging like a punch bag” is a vivid image of emotional resilience being tested, battered by unseen forces yet enduring.

“Washing off the soft soaps, sleeping on a tightrope” further delves into the precariousness of the protagonist’s state, where even attempts at cleansing or balancing one’s life are fraught with danger and difficulty. The juxtaposition here is stark; it’s about trying to find purity or stability in an inherently unstable or impure situation.

The repeated plea, “Want the truth? I need you / To pull me through,” is a straightforward acknowledgment of dependence on another for emotional rescue. It’s a recognition that, despite any efforts to prove one’s strength or worth (“Everything to prove, got nothing left to use”), the protagonist is at their limit and requires external intervention to survive their emotional ordeal.

In summary, “Pull Me Through” by Royal Blood is a harrowing narrative of battling with one’s inner demons and the dire need for a lifeline amidst the storm. The song masterfully uses the imagery of being adrift and submerged to represent emotional struggle, culminating in a raw, universal cry for help and connection. It’s a reminder that even in our darkest moments, the light of hope – often in the form of another’s hand – is what pulls us through.

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