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Meaning of the song ‘Something Good Can Work’ by ‘Two Door Cinema Club’

Released: 2010

Two Door Cinema Club’s track “Something Good Can Work” is a vibrant and uplifting anthem for ambition and positivity. At its heart, this song captures the essence of striving for success against the odds and the belief that perseverance and a positive attitude can lead to great outcomes. It’s a pep talk in musical form, guaranteed to boost your spirits.

The song kicks off with the metaphor “There’s a spanner in the works, you know,” hinting at obstacles and challenges in one’s path. The phrase “spanner in the works” is colloquial for something messing up plans or causing trouble. Immediately after, it shifts gears with a motivational nudge: “You gotta step up your game to make it to the top. So go.” It’s an encouragement to not just stand by but to actively improve and push oneself, despite the presence of “a little competition.” The reality of facing life alone, perhaps after a significant change like leaving home or ending a relationship, is acknowledged but not dwelled upon. Instead, the chorus erupts with optimism and assuredness.

In the chorus, “Let’s make this happen, girl, we’re gonna show the world that something good can work and it can work for you,” the song talks directly to the listener, or perhaps to itself, as a rallying cry for action. The repetition of “you know that it will” reinforces the certainty and belief in success. This section of the song practically bubbles with the enthusiasm of taking on challenges head-on and the belief in the positive outcomes of perseverance and hard work.

The verses reflect on the journey of change, acknowledging that it’s been hard but emphasizing the upward trajectory: “It took a little time to make a little better, it’s only going up.” It’s a recognition of growth and improvement over time, dismissing quick fixes in favor of lasting change. The repeated phrase “just one thing then another, you know, you know” suggests the incremental steps and effort required to achieve one’s goals.

In essence, “Something Good Can Work” serves as a motivational chant for anyone needing a push to overcome hurdles. It emphasizes optimism, resilience, and the certainty that with effort, a positive outcome is not just possible but guaranteed. The colloquial language and catchy melody make these powerful messages accessible, turning the song into an irresistible call to action for anyone on the brink of chasing their dreams.

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