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Meaning of the song ‘Supermodel Avalanches’ by ‘Royal Blood’

Released: 2023

“Supermodel Avalanches” by Royal Blood is a raw, pulsating dive into the excesses and superficial glamour of the high life, laced with the destructive consequences that often follow. It paints a vivid picture of a lifestyle driven by rampant consumerism and hedonism, questioning the real cost of such extravagance.

The opening lines, “Blissful amphetamines / Nosebleeds in the fast lane,” immediately thrust us into the whirlwind of substance abuse and relentless pursuit of pleasure, common in certain elite circles. “Amphetamines” here are not just literal drugs but also a metaphor for the addictive nature of this high-octane lifestyle. The “fast lane” represents both the allure and the dangers of living life on the edge, where nosebleeds are just another badge of honor.

“They lust at a dreamer / Jet skis riding seas of champagne” further extends this imagery, where the dreamers, perhaps the artists or the idealists, are lusted after by those who live in this world of excess. The “seas of champagne” symbolize the endless opulence that drowns sensibility and reality.

The chorus, “I see you dying on the other side / Sick of your appetite,” reflects the singer’s awareness of the destructive path the subject is on, “dying” either physically or metaphorically due to an insatiable “appetite” for the excesses. The plea, “Somebody hold my hand,” suggests a desperate need for connection and salvation amidst this chaos.

“Supermodel avalanches / Dopamine on drip-feed” evokes the image of overwhelming and unsustainable beauty standards (“supermodel avalanches”) that bury individuals under unrealistic expectations, with “dopamine on drip-feed” critiquing how society is hooked on these ephemeral highs, just as one might be to a drug.

The repeated lines, “Choking on the high life / Every day, another joyride,” underscore the suffocating and repetitive nature of this lifestyle. The questioning, “Does tomorrow weigh on your mind / Like you weigh on mine?” speaks to the concern for the future, both the individual’s and the observer’s, hinting at the depth of care beneath the critical observation.

Ultimately, “Supermodel Avalanches” by Royal Blood is a poignant, critical take on the intoxicating but potentially deadly allure of living in the relentless pursuit of more — more wealth, more beauty, more pleasure — and the toll it takes on individuals who find themselves unable to escape its grip. The song masterfully uses rock’s visceral energy to underscore a message that’s as relevant as ever in our culture of overindulgence and never-ending chase for perfection.

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