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Meaning of ‘Thought You Should Know’ by ‘Morgan Wallen’

Released: 2023

Morgan Wallen’s “Thought You Should Know” is a heartfelt conversation, or perhaps more accurately, a confession to his mother, reflecting on his life’s ups and downs, his career, and his personal developments. It’s a vivid narrative spun into a song, detailing a journey of self-awareness, change, and the constant touch of familial bonds, particularly the one with his mother. Wallen navigates through his past mistakes, current victories, and future aspirations, all while underlining the silent, powerful impact of his mother’s prayers and hopes for him.

The song kicks off with Wallen reaching out to his mom, immediately setting a tone of introspection and vulnerability. “What’s goin’ on, Mama? Something just dawned on me” illustrates a moment of realization for him, a moment where the distance from home and the life he’s been leading suddenly becomes clear. The reference to “chasin’ songs and women” and “makin’ some bad decisions” doesn’t sugarcoat his past; it’s a straight-up admission of his less-than-ideal lifestyle choices. However, the line “God knows I’m drinkin’ too much” isn’t just an acknowledgment of his drinking habits but a nod to his awareness and perhaps a desire to change.

The chorus, “all those prayers you thought you wasted on me / Must’ve finally made their way on through”, is a powerful acknowledgment of his mother’s persistent care and concern. It suggests that despite Wallen’s rough patches, he believes in the power of his mother’s prayers and sees them as a guiding light that has led him to a better place. This part of the song is a beautiful recognition of the unseen, often unappreciated, efforts of parents.

Wallen then shifts the narrative to share updates about his life, mentioning a new relationship and his continued passion for fishing, signifying moments of normalcy and contentment amidst his chaotic life. The line “Can you believe I’m on the radio?” reflects a mix of pride and wonder at his success, sharing this achievement with his mother as if to say her faith in him was not in vain. This moment in the song is relatable to anyone who’s ever achieved something they were eager to share with a loved one.

The song wraps up with Wallen recognizing his mother’s tireless concern since ’93, which not only provides a timeframe for his mother’s worries but also deepens the emotional weight of his journey. The closing lines, where he compares his new girl to his mother, “It turns out she’s a lot like you”, serves as the ultimate compliment and signifies his maturing understanding of what’s valuable in life – a partner who shares the qualities of the woman who raised him.

In essence, “Thought You Should Know” is Wallen’s musical letter to his mother, filled with raw admissions, gratitude, and updates that mark his growth as a person and as a son. It’s a song that many can relate to, capturing the complexity of life’s path, the impact of parental influence, and the humble return to one’s roots and values.

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