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Meaning of ‘Way down We Go’ by ‘Kaleo’ feat. KALEO

Released: 2016

Features: KALEO

Right off the bat, “Way Down We Go” by Kaleo is drenched in soulful, gritty rock vibes, asking the tough question about whether our deeds catch up with us eventually. With its haunting melody, the song delves deep into themes of downfall and the inevitability of consequences.

The opening lines “Oh, Father, tell me / Do we get what we deserve?” sets the song’s introspective tone, questioning the fairness of life’s outcomes. It’s a rhetorical query that echoes throughout the song, implying that perhaps we’re all on a downward trajectory, subject to our actions. The repetitive chorus “And way down we go, go, go, go” emphasizes a collective descent, suggesting that this downward spiral is not just personal but universal.

The lyrics “Oh, you let your feet run wild / Time has come as we all fall, go down” speak to the recklessness of human nature and the inevitable consequences that follow. The imagery of being “run down… ’til you can’t crawl no more” paints a vivid picture of being pursued by one’s actions until there’s nowhere left to fall. It’s a powerful metaphor for hitting rock bottom due to one’s misdeeds or mistakes.

The song’s bridge, with its raw vocalizations, feels like a lament but also a moment of acknowledgment of the fate one cannot escape. “Way down we go” is repeated like a mantra, accepting the downward spiral as inevitable. The song doesn’t just explore the depths to which we can fall but also the human condition that propels us there – a mix of defiance, recklessness, and, ultimately, acceptance.

In sum, “Way Down We Go” by Kaleo isn’t just about the fall itself but the journey there. It’s a soul-stirring contemplation on karma, consequence, and the human propensity for self-destruction, wrapped in a powerful rock ballad that’s both melancholic and profound.

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