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Meaning of ‘Wild Ones’ by ‘Jessie Murph’ feat. Jelly Roll

Released: 2023Features: Jelly RollIn the track “Wild Ones” by Jessie Murph, the allure and chaotic beauty of living life on the edge is masterfully painted with a rebellious brush. Through a web of gritty imagery and raw emotion, the song dives deep into the romance of danger and the appeal of the untamed, capturing the spirit of those who dance with the wild side of life.

The song kicks off setting a scene that’s straight out of a rebel’s dream: a fearless character, “Got me wide-wide open, Got a 45 on him”, speeding down the highway at “about 102”. This isn’t just about thrill-seeking; it’s a bold declaration of living life without chains, regardless of the consequences. The 45 isn’t just a gun; it’s a symbol of readiness to face whatever comes head-on, while the speed signifies not just the physical velocity but the pace at which they’re moving through life – fast, fearless, and free.

As we move to the chorus, Jessie Murph sings about her affinity for the “wild ones”, those who embody the essence of freedom and danger. The phrase “I got a thing for the wild ones” is more than attraction; it’s an acknowledgment of a shared identity, a mutual understanding of what it means to live outside the norms, chased by the thrill of the edge.

Jelly Roll’s verse brings another layer to the song, mixing love with the lawlessness of their lifestyles. “I’m attracted to things that are really crazy”, Jelly Roll admits, further cementing the theme of being drawn to the chaos. The reference to “living in Gotham” and “Bunny’s my Harley Quinn” is a nod to the infamous DC characters known for their love amidst chaos, suggesting a parallel to their own tumultuous romance. His lines encapsulate the dark allure of a love that’s as dangerous and unpredictable as their lives.

The bridge and recurring choruses emphasize this magnetic pull to the wild side, with Jessie Murph reiterating her affinity for those who live life unabashedly, those who are as untamed and passionate as she is. The lines “It’s like he knew, I got a thing for the wild ones. They like me, too”, suggest a predestined connection between souls that thrive on intensity and defiance.

“Wild Ones (feat. Jelly Roll)” isn’t just another song about living fast and hard. It’s an anthem for those who find beauty in the mayhem, who seek love in the midst of chaos, and who wear their wild hearts proudly. Jessie Murph and Jelly Roll don’t just sing about being free spirits; they embody the very essence of living fiercely, making peace with the darkness, and finding a strange solace in the madness.

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