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Meaning of the song ‘Natural Born Killer’ by ‘Highly Suspect’

Released: 2022

“Natural Born Killer” by Highly Suspect delves deep into the psyche of an individual confronting their inner demons and societal expectations. The song oscillates between dreams of love and the stark reality of feeling lost and disconnected. Through a mix of vivid imagery and raw emotions, the lyrics capture a struggle with identity and a sense of belonging, painting the protagonist as a ‘natural born killer’—a metaphor for battling internal and external conflicts.

The opening lines, “I’ve been having dreams about falling in love,” immediately set a tone of longing and search for connection, only to be shattered by the reality of waking up alone. This dichotomy between dreams and reality introduces the listener to the internal conflict of the protagonist. The phrase “The devil’s in the detail” implies that beneath the surface of these dreams and aspirations, there’s a darker, more complex struggle within. Calling oneself a “natural born killer” serves as a metaphorical representation of battling with one’s darker side or the societal pressures that compel individuals to conform to certain norms, even if it means suppressing their true selves.

The chorus, “Take this Hopeless Broken soul of this Remote control Plot twist A whole generation lost with no promise,” can be seen as a critique of the societal and technological frameworks that leave individuals feeling controlled, lost, and disconnected. The reference to a “plot twist” and a “whole generation lost with no promise” suggests a disillusionment with the expected narrative of life and the future. Furthermore, the questions “Can you feel my love? Do you know my pain?” highlight a seeking of empathy and understanding in a world that feels increasingly isolating.

As the song progresses, the intensity builds with “It’s game face Go time Don’t play Never stand In place Just move So don’t wait.” These lines underscore a sense of urgency and the pressures to always be on, to never show vulnerability. The repetition of “Can you feel my heart? Do you know my name? Can you feel my love? Do you know my pain?” is a plea for connection and recognition in a world that often values achievement over genuine human connection.

The conclusion, with the lines “I’m a killer, Natural born killer, So I’m a killer (whoo!) Natural born killer, yeah Supernatural form villain,” embraces the identity that has been both a source of conflict and a means of survival. The term “Supernatural form villain” elevates the protagonist’s struggle to an almost mythic level, suggesting that the fight against one’s demons and societal expectations is both a curse and a superpower.

In “Natural Born Killer,” Highly Suspect crafts a complex narrative that explores themes of loneliness, societal pressure, and the internal battle between darkness and the desire for connection. The language and imagery used throughout the song not only create a vivid picture of the protagonist’s psyche but also invite the listener to reflect on their own experiences with these universal themes.

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